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How to Write a Trading Journal

3 Trading Journal Lessons 

Before, During and After the Market Close

Trading Journal Example

Keeping a Trading Journal That Results in Better Trading

A trading journal is like a vegetable.

We know we need it but we don’t partake enough.

Committed traders keep track of progress and there is no better way to do this than a trading journal. On the surface a journal helps evaluate performance but applied properly it should go much deeper than the results.

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40 Lessons From My Trading Journal 2000-2015

Trading advice is easy to get. Everyone has an opinion.

The key to moving forward as a successful trader is implementing trading advice that matters to your unique experience.

This is why the best advice you will ever receive, is from yourself. The quickest path to success begins with a brutal assessment of your progress.

Keep a trading journal religiously. It will end up as the most important trading book you ever read. My goal is not so much to give you specific ideas, but to give you a direction for what to expect and how to succeed.

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What to Write in Your Trading Journal During Market Hours

How to Accelerate Your Trading Success

trading successHow many positions do you trade at the same time?

When I started trading in 2000 I was taught to find a good trade and get size. “It’s better to have one big position…” I believed it, the guy sounded smart and he was persuasive.

It’s bullshit. Here’s why-

Trading is about probabilities, not whale hunting. Sure it sounds great to hit a big trade, and then brag about it. The problem with this advice is risk and sample size.

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What to Write in Your Trading Journal After the Market Close