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With 20 years of trading experience Pete knows what it takes to become
a profitable stock trader. 

His firm Keystone Trading in NYC profitably traded over 500 million shares per month, with nearly 300 traders allocating his capital to the markets.

Pete created the NY Method trading strategy in a legendary collaboration with 25 former New York Stock Exchange specialists, floor clerks and brokers. The system became the standard for active stock traders. 



Pete created Stock Trading Pro to help struggling chart readers become confident traders. 

Using a mix of persistence and street smarts, Stock Trading Pro evolved into an online community of hard working men and women choosing to make the stock market make them money. For those ready to learn "tape reading" at the highest level, the Order Flow Coaching Program gives you money-making insights you won't find in books!


Great success in 2019 trading order flow

I value and read your daily e-mails and am semi-actively trading. I am writing as a testament to your strategy and advice.  I had great success in 2019 trading order flow, specifically using inside candle, ATR, patience and NOT trading unless it was a best idea.

2020 will be a continuation of 2019 strategy with journalling added.  I hope all of your students and followers can understand your commitment, knowledge and have the will to stick with it.


My weekly goal was $1000 and yesterday I made $7500 on 2 trades.

I hear your voice in the back of my head.

The first trade I got in there was an obvious exit, it was at $2600, then the swing low I got in and I'm up to $2000, $3000. I wanted to get out because of the dollar amount but I hear your in the back of my head that there's no reason to get out, I'm not seeing any exit signals. So I kept waiting and it turned into a $5000 and change trade.

Before the course, I would put on a trade and just helplessly or wishfully think it would go a certain way. I really didn't know what I was looking at. Now, I feel like I know what to look for. When I see something, I know this doesn't look good - get out, or this looks good - get in, etc versus before I was just in the dark.