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Podcast: The Daily Ticker EP 11 | How Successful People Think. Mastermind Recap

The Daily Ticker: EP 11-How Successful People Think. Mastermind Recap. Today’s podcast goes behind the scenes of my recent mastermind event in West Palm Beach FL. These events are for high achievers to share what’s working and why. A huge part of the discussion key is taking action on the how. Strategy, tactics and the reasons […]


The Daily Ticker: EP9: TSLA Earnings, NFLX Earnings – David Trainer

In today’s episode of the Daily Ticker David Trainer, CEO Of New Constructs breaks down the expectations for Tesla, Netflix and IBM. Each company reported earnings this week. David reviews how New Constructs analytics calculates several scenarios for future growth of each company using the current stock price and his Reverse DCF model. Netflix and Tesla have […]

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