Trump Controversy Creates Opportunity 5-29-20 New Stock to Buy

Tired of being a losing stock trader?

What if I told you it's your winning trades that are hurting your brokerage account?

There's a quick fix that's a little controversial. I recommend you trade more.
That's right, get aggressive in how often you trade.

But there's a catch, I challenge you to only trade 100 shares until you are profitable for 3 consecutive months.

But you need to flawlessly execute each and every trade that matches your strategy.

And there's where most traders drop the ball. They have entry signals but no edge. No system that says "There absolutely an A+ trade here, let's do it! (OR even better, "There NOTHING to do here, let's stay in cash").

If you've never said "There's nothing to do..." Then you don't have an edge, you simply have charts.

Today we discuss how to stop trading like a rookie and how to quickly have 100% conviction in your ability to make the stock market give you money.

Trading Game Plan 5-29-20

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The stock market seems tired.

Despite the fact that many stocks are closing higher, the bullish enthusiasm has waned.

Trades that quickly moved in our favor 2 weeks ago are now struggling to find momentum.

Does that mean stop buying? No. It means this week you needed to be razor sharp in your stock selection. The tide wasn't lifting all boats.

We're stuck now between profit-taking and a potential change of trend.

What we need to see for a fresh bullish run is the financial and energy stocks to take center stage and carry the load for tired tech.

Along with TWTR, I have four more stocks in play, one in food service that I'm looking to buy at $52 today.

From yesterday's earnings I'm looking to be active in COST & CRM for the next few days.

Have a great weekend!

Pete Renzulli

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