Stop Guessing & Be the Smart Money

Introducing The New York Method

Why do some traders almost always seem to make money?

Most traders feel close to success.

So close they can taste it.

You've stopped losing money, but you're not making any yet.

You're always thinking you are just one idea away from a massive breakthrough.

Well today is that day, this is something different.

Order flow shows you how to spot the large buy and sell orders that move the market.

This 93 year old trading method is known by a select few with access to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

With order flow, each trade becomes obvious. Which trades to take, and which trades to avoid. 

You're no longer fighting the algorithms, because order flow takes you above their nonsense.

You're no longer afraid, confused or overwhelmed, and your winners are consistently bigger. You're confident because you finally see beyond the noise.

Once you are exposed to Order Flow, trading becomes fun again.

So What is Order Flow?

It's the buy and sell orders that move our favorite stocks. It's the market. The market is always right. It's the SMART MONEY.

Isn't that "the trend?"

No. It's so much more. We're tape readers, not chart readers.

Tape readers visualize the flow of buy and sell orders and make decisions on risk, probability of profit and leverage.

Chart readers focus on patterns and indicators. Tape readers focus on getting paid.

In the NY Method we call this "building an argument."

I learned the secret February 2007, and everything instantly changed. It was the same stock market, but the view was different.  And so were my results.

The secret was passed on to me by 25 former NYSE specialists, clerks and floor brokers.

This coaching program examines why smart traders fail, or are afraid. It introduces 4 core concepts: Ten Perfect Trades-Order Flow - Saturation Points-Tape Reading.

Together they make up something new  --> The New York Method.

What separates this information is that it’s based on real people. Real people, real money, real traders. Traders just like yourself.

These lessons were experienced first-hand, through my own trades.

Twenty years of experience gives me a unique insight into why you finally become successful. And why you could  always feel close but never get profitable. 

My career as a proprietary trader, mentor, owning two trading firms in NYC, and my fourteen years as a trading educator, is now in your hands.

I’ve worked with complete newbies scared to place an order, and those earning a reliable million dollars per year.

There’s nothing I haven’t seen or done, and the biggest lesson? Working myself to the bone, wasn’t the answer.

Hard work helps, but it's not necessary to earn money trading order flow. Once you learn these four steps, trading becomes easy, even fun.

Join me today, and eliminate years of searching for a Holy Grail that doesn’t exist, and see why it isn’t necessary to achieve massive success.

Included with Your 30 Day Boot Camp:
The Order Flow Masterclass

Module One

Core Knowledge and Skills: How to dream big, set goals, and gain the experience required to become a success active trader.

  • Setting the Proper Goals from the Start: How to set aggressive long-term goals, short-term objectives & overcome the main challenges at this stage.
  • How to Overcome Obstacles and Challenges: Get clarity on the obstacles you will face and how to confidently overcome these potential threats to your trading account.
  • Professionals and Probabilities: How prop traders define probabilities, risk and leverage. Understand when to trade bigger and how to reduce risk.
  • Find the best pause and the best push. A deep-dive into candlestick analysis and how to identify the low risk entry points and profitable institutional momentum.

Module Two

How become the smart money. Interpret order flow and master the skill of tape reading. Move from chart reader to trader. 

  • Order Flow: Million Dollar Knowledge from the NYSE: Institutional order flow, it's the big money that moves stocks. Learn how to read the footprints and build a repeatable foundation of price action analysis
  • Modern Dow Theory: How to identify and choose the trends in order flow, that offer the greatest profit potential. How to map your stocks and the market using multiple time frame analysis.
  • Forecasting Price Action: Get a handle on the only four stages of institutional price action. See through the noise and always know the correct trade. Also included- See which classic chart patterns still work, and how to identify a potential change of trend.
  • Market Analysis: Interpret the general market correctly and know which opportunities to trade additional leverage or when to scale back. Learn to spot the relative strength and weakness in your stocks that leads to better follow through.

Module Three

How to make money! What to do between entry and exit. A step-by-step system to maximize your winning trades. Trade management mastery.

  • Professional Entry Signals: Learn how to test ideas before you trade bigger. This one strategy is worth the entire investment in the training. Use your trading as a feedback loop to trade better. Each trade becomes an experiment in probability. The winners get more shares as you build a bigger position in the the winners.
  • Profit Maximization: Forecast and set the correct levels for profit taking. Never guess with your profits. Learn how each stock shows you the best targets that maxes out your winners.
  • How to Manage and Adjust Risk: Allocating the correct share size for each trade is half the battle. Share size is a simple formula that always puts you in the a position to lose the least and or pyramid your winners. Learn to allocate and adjust share size and trading becomes 100X less stressful.
  • Direct Access Order Routing: Dark Pools, ECN's and exchanges. Where and how do you route your orders for the lowest cost and the best fills? Stop using market orders on every trade, it shows you don't know what you're doing. Learn how prop trader are taught to route orders.

Module Four

Organize your trading strategy into a daily plan of action. From order flow, to strategy, to trading plan to game plan. Wake up every day and ready to make money.
The four proven steps that produce six-figure months.

  • Construct a trading plan that perfectly matched your resources. You have unique goals, experience, let's put together a road map that guides you each day. Leave guessing to the amateurs. Know exactly what you plan to do, before it happens.
  • The Keys to the Kingdom: Within your new trading plan are two crucial sections-money management and risk management. Learn how to choose the proper risk that matches your goals. Learn how to manage money like a professional for the greatest ROI possible.
  • Preparing Your Game Plan: Each day there is a perfect list of stocks waiting for you to trade them. Your game plan is your homework, and your homework is where the money is. The most exciting part of trading is finding and then trading high-probability ideas.
  • Pursuing Mastery: Assessing probabilities is a skill. Each trade has different odds of success. Probability for profit varies, learn to recognize the winners and avoid those with small odds of earning money. This skill instantly puts you in a better position to reach six-figures.

Module Five

How winners think and act like a professional trader. Experience the mindset shift when you move form chart reader to trader. Finally understand the last piece in your journey to control your destiny.

  • Learning from Experience: Stories of success and failure. Mentoring advice and how to overcome common roadblocks standing on the shoulders of the traders before you.
  • Structuring Your Success: Develop a framework for discipline and understand what it truly means to make a commitment to your success.
  • Million Dollar Prop Trading Wisdom: Learn how to interpret your results for swift and specific feedback to improve.
  • The Ultimate Trading Secret: Why winners focus on the process of trading flawlessly and not the outcome of each individual trade.


WEEKLY COACHING SESSIONS ($350/monthly value)

  • Coaching Call: Weekly coaching calls are currently scheduled for Monday nights at 6 PM EDT. Each call lasts as long as there are questions! No time limit. Come to the meeting prepared and you get maximum value out of the coaching. 
  • Coaching Call Archive: New training sessions loaded into your member portal for easy access. Study on your time! Improve your skills with current market conditions.

PRIVATE SLACK COMMUNITY ($149/monthly value)

  • NEW! Order Flow Mastery SLACK Membership: Direct access to Pete, from the convenience of your computer or smartphone. Chat and post questions before during and after stock market hours.
  • The Game Plan Meetings: Beginning each morning at 8:45am EDT. You'll get my best picks for the coming day which includes planned entries for the opening 60 minutes. You'll get to post your ideas for review and I'll help you build the argument for the trades.

The Order Flow 30-Day Bootcamp $295

Start Trading with The Smart Money


My weekly goal was $1000, yesterday I made $7500 on 2 trades.

I hear your voice in the back of my head.

The first trade I got in there was an obvious exit, it was at $2600, then the swing low I got in and I'm up to $2000, $3000. I wanted to get out because of the dollar amount but I hear your in the back of my head that there's no reason to get out, I'm not seeing any exit signals. So I kept waiting and it turned into a $5000 and change trade.

Before the course, I would put on a trade and just helplessly or wishfully think it would go a certain way. I really didn't know what I was looking at. Now, I feel like I know what to look for. When I see something, I know this doesn't look good - get out, or this looks good - get in, etc versus before I was just in the dark.


$20k+ in 2 days

I know the market has been very volatile and like you said, if you haven’t been making money the last few months, you’re doing something wrong and need to get in the program. I’m so unbelievably happy I did. 

Yesterday was the first day my account was positive in the 3 months I’ve been trading. I started yesterday at 42k, went up 10% yesterday, closed at 47k. Today another 25%, it just hit 62.5k. 15k just today.

I’m honestly almost in shock, I really can’t begin to explain my appreciation for all the help and knowledge.


Accurate predictions and advice

You are awesome and I am learning a lot of the lingo and strategies.  I have added several of your suggested stocks to my watch list and portfolio.  And most importantly, you are accurate in your prediction and advice.



A+ mentorship

I have two mentors, one on stocks and one on options. They are good but you are more than great. I want to thank you because of your six trading stocks that you recommended, I did only one to try and it did a decent gain. The other ones were winners also.

Finally, I found someone honest, you are a true A+ mentor.


$5K in one hour

Just pulled put another $5,300. Started slowing down at the high of the day. Maybe premature exit but $5k in one hour works for me.


With your course I finally feel like I know what I'm doing

Getting the thought process straight before trading was hard work. Seems to flow much better now while I’m trading, thanks to your course and guidance. I’ve been reading books, taking courses, and trading for 4-years, full time for 1-Year, and this is literally the first day I’ve felt like I had even the slightest clue about what I was doing!!


Great success trading order flow

I value and read your daily e-mails and am semi-actively trading. I am writing as a testament to your strategy and advice.  I had great success trading order flow, specifically using inside candle, ATR, patience and NOT trading unless it was a best idea.

I hope all of your students and followers can understand your commitment, knowledge and have the will to stick with it.


In a down market, I booked 1.40 on 340 Puts

I just closed out a nice NFLX trade for intra day cash flow.
Super simple, was weak yesterday, Opening Print was Day Highs pretty much, took puts on the first pullback after yesterdays lows. With Mrkt moving down, I booked 1.40 on 340 Puts.

Just a thank you,


The Order Flow 30-Day Bootcamp $295

Start Trading with The Smart Money


With 20 years of trading experience Pete knows what it takes to become 
a profitable stock trader. 

His firm Keystone Trading in NYC profitably traded over 500 million shares per month, with nearly 300 traders allocating his capital to the markets.

Pete created the NY Method trading strategy in a legendary collaboration with 25 former New York Stock Exchange specialists, floor clerks and brokers. The system became the standard for active stock traders.

The Order Flow 30-Day Bootcamp $295

Start Trading with The Smart Money

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