Stocks for Breakfast | Should You Day Trade or Swing Trade?

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Is day trading more exciting? Is swing trading more relaxing? Should you do both?

We begin 2021 answering some questions about day trading versus swing trading.

Doing both sounds exciting, but require different skills.

Day trader's complain about missing overnight profits, swing traders complain about overnight gaps against them. Two sides of the same coin.

We deep dive into the profit potential of each style of trading and what I believe is the biggest challenge for both.

We answer the following questions and more in today's stock trading lesson.

I realized I was trying to find the next 20% in a day stock,

Those overnight gaps have cost so much

I can hold a swing, but haven't mastered the profit taking!

I'm trying to swing trade and often times find myself getting stopped out. Sometimes I think that's me being to conservative and moving up a stop loss to quickly, sometimes it's not and the stock ends up taking a bigger hit, only to rebound within the next few days.

I am getting stopped out many times after I move my stop up to break even and the stock does what I was expecting it to do a few days after. I don't get back in because the entry signal is not in my trading plan.

I need to have better trade management skills,

What I don't like, is to see my P/L at a high at the end of the day and overnight, only to see it go down the next day.

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