Tesla Stock Earnings Report And Key Levels to Trade | Top Stocks to Buy Now 4-26-21

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3:10 TSLA Stock Earnings Report
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5:55 Stop Predicting and Read the Tape
6:35 Probability Versus Price Action "You only need one"
8:24 Trading Questions: How to Trade a Choppy Market
11:04 Strongest Sectors Coming in to the Week of April 26, 2021
12:30 Perfect Day Trading Stock Market Internals (Screen Shot)
13:27 Building Arguments for Great Trade Ideas
14:00 Top Stocks to Buy Now April 2021



Tesla Stock Earnings Report Scheduled After the Stock Market Close

Today we focus on TSLA TESLA stock earnings report which is scheduled for after the stock market close. Tesla (TSLA) is expected to report a huge first-quarter earnings gain late Monday, after more than doubling deliveries for the period. 

Tesla stock is working on a buy point and may be one of the top stocks to buy now. The stock market closed last week strong and kicks off a big week with TSLA earnings. 

TSLA stock price is resting on key $700 support.

So the big question for today and this week: "Is Tesla stock a buy now? I'm creating a trading game plan for a bullish report and advancing price action in the 85-870 levels. If the stocks trades below 700 I'm letting the trade go. Source:

Pete Renzulli Gmail

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