WORK-CRM Trade | Best Stock Picks Today 11-30-20


Trading Game Plan: 11-30-20

The SPY ETF traded near all-time highs on Friday. Today we have a mix of breakout trades and pull back trades, in different sectors.

WORK (SLACK) and CRM (Salesforce) began talks that saw WORK stock price explode. This kind of attention and news puts both stocks into our watch list.

But it's a different type of trade. Since we're trading news, that means we're tape reading. WORK stock moved higher without order flow, so the strategy is to take advantage of short-term volatility using protective stops if the news changes.

Last week the solar stocks woke up but order flow remains muddy, so we're focused on two stocks that traded to new highs, CSIQ and ENPH.

Financial stocks remained well bid last week so they're in our game plan but with less shares for initial entry. They haven't put together more than one or two days of strong closes.

PLTR and CRSR exploded and have finally paused to give us solid risk-reward and opportunities to buy these stocks today.

We also have seven breakouts for today worth our attention. I outline the strategies for entry into these trades as well.

In total we review twelve stock picks for today.

Have a great day!

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