U.S. Jobs Report Expects 147,000 New September Jobs

Stock Trading Scans

Stock Trading Scans

The stock market continues to offer opportunity.

Chaos creates volatility, and volatility creates wealth for those ready to partake. I'll admit most traders should be waiting for the market to pick a direction. Because most traders chase the action, instead of planning ahead.

When you chase, you get really bad entries. You are late to the party and I'm the one selling you those shares.

The current price action is PERFECT for improving your tape reading skills. I'm having a TON of FUN with a few coaching students learning my Saturation Play method.

The most exciting part for me is seeing students feel 100% in control. They now know exactly what to look for, and let everything else go.

Once you combine Order Flow and Saturation Plays, everything changes.

Read this tape reading blog post and print out the lesson, it's not easy but worth your time.

Yesterday's reversal in the SPY was textbook.

Today I'm giving you one of my basic scans. Double average volume and at least 1.5 average true range. See if you can read the tape and find today's opportunities.

Have a great weekend.


Watch this free training session if you want more detail on these methods.

U.S. jobs report would add to Wall Street gloom: Here’s what to look for

The U.S. stock market has taken a beating so far this week after fresh warning signs about the economy. Another poor Labor Department jobs report on Friday could add to the gloom.

U.S. economy seen adding 147,000 new jobs in September. Here’s what to watch in the September employment report.


Altria launches Iqos tobacco device in US, and the timing couldn’t be better

ATLANTA — Marlboro maker Altria started developing its new tobacco device more than a decade ago — as smoking rates declined but long before vaping took hold in the U.S.

It took another two years for regulatory clearance. But Altria is finally launching Iqos in the U.S. this week, and the company’s timing — though coincidental — couldn’t be better.


Amazon's Fourth Quarter Challenges Continue

Amazon’s counterfeit problems

Amazon (AMZN) is facing issues on its e-commerce platform again. In his April 11 note to shareholders, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos included a blunt assessment:

“The percentages represent the share of physical gross merchandise sales sold on Amazon by independent third-party sellers – mostly small- and medium-sized businesses – as opposed to Amazon retail’s own first party sales.


Pete Renzulli

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