TSN Tyson Foods Trades Into Breakout Play 1-13-20

TSN Tyson Foods Inc Stock Chart 1-13.20

TSN Tyson Foods Inc Stock Chart 1-13.20

The same theme keeps unfolding during coaching calls with private clients...

"I'm having a hard time finding new trades."

The stock market needs to pause or decline to set up better risk/reward scenarios for new swing trades.

Day traders and investors are in heaven but swing traders need sniper-like precision to see quick gains during this runaway bull market.

So what do we do?

I'm look at two potential breakout trades and one SATURATION PLAY today.

TSN and CCI traded into breakout plays with solid room to go. These trades are going into my tracking journal. Meaning I'm not trading the initial breakout. I want to see a pause above those levels so I get confirmation the buying is real.

The third play is I'm looking for a higher opening and reversal to sell short in VLO (saturation play). These trade setups are advanced and should only be taken if you have studied my course and understand how to work the order.

Have a great day!


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