Trend Trading for the Win Facebook Stock Makes New Highs 5-21-20

Nothing burns you more than seeing the stock market go higher and higher and you don't capitalize.

Too often we sit there and ask "why."

Why are stocks going higher with massive unemployment and small businesses closing, and millions of people unable to pay the mortgage?

Why am I missing out as my favorite stocks keep making new all-time highs during a global pandemic?

Stop asking why.

Today we discuss what you should be doing to make the most money.

Let's trade together in real-time!
Learn How.

Trading Game Plan 5-21-20

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Nasdaq  stocks continue to lead the bullish stock market rally.

Facebook stock price hit new all-time highs yesterday and several tech stocks continue to offer solid risk reward ideas.

Gaming stocks are in play, as one stock in our trading game plan has nearly doubled in  less than 7 trading days. (PENN)

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Pete Renzulli

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