Top Stock Trading Education | 2019 Edition


Thank you for being a part of the community. 

I wanted to end the week with some core stock trading education that will make the biggest impact, in the shortest time.

Over the years I have often found that reading or watching something once is not enough to fully grasp the knowledge. To be honest sometimes it takes dozens of times for the depth of the lesson to sink in.

Then there is another level of learning, actually applying the knowledge. It's common we try and things don't work as it says in the book or video and we get frustrated.

And it's in those moments where you find out how bad you truly want success.

Those who succeed refuse to take no for an answer.

We keep going despite setbacks. We use failure as feedback. We see tiny results and it makes us hungry to work harder.

So with that in mind here are what I call the "Cornerstone Lessons."

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Pete Renzulli