Top 5 Stocks to Buy Now – Week of June 14, 2021 | Elon Musk Boosts Bitcoin

Video Chapters
0:00 Stock Market Game Plan
2:05 Trading Question From the Community
3:15 Life-Changing Trading Lesson (video)
5:25 How to Accept Risk & Keep Losses Small
7:00 Stop Trying to be Right, Do This Instead
8:05 Stop Chasing Gainers?
10:20 Tape Reading & Building Trade Ideas
11:30 Sector Rotation - Top 3 Sectors
12:20 Trading Game Plan Versus Tracking Journal
13:00 What to Do When You Get Stopped Out of a Good Trade
14:00 Top 5 Stocks to Buy the Week of June 14, 2021
16:20 How to Build a Watchlist of Stocks


Top 5 Stocks to Buy Now

Happy Monday!!

S&P futures slightly positive.

As expected #MARA #RIOT are up pre-market with Elon Musk giving it a boost.

#SAVA & #AMC also up early. #CLSK too.

#NVAX one of my top picks this week is up 11 percent.

Solar stocks and electric vehicle stocks made the list. Health Care stock too.

Pete Renzulli

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