Top 5 Stocks to Buy Now | June 2021 | MEME Stocks Dominate

Video Chapters

0:00 Stock Market Setup
1:15 Top Trading Book Suggestion
2:15 Multiple Time Frame Analysis Explained
3:00 The Most Important Trading Lesson
4:00 The Foundation of Good Stock Trading
4:45 Trading Game Plan Choices
5:15 Steps to Great Trading
6:25 Where the Money is Made in Trading
7:15 If the SPY ETF "Holds the Bid"
7:50 The Stock Market Power Pyramid
8:30 Stock Market Turning Point
9:20 Sector Rotation
11:20 Smart Money Footprints
12:15 How to Think Like a Real Trader
13:50 Stock Pick #1
14:40 Stock Pick #2
18:05 Stock Pick #3
19:00 Stock Pick #4
20:00 Spotting When a Stock "Catches a Bid"
22:25 Stock Pick #5
23:10 Getting Excited About Stock Trading


Good morning!

This could be a really big week of trading. The S&P 500 close just in front of fresh all-time highs...

This one week could make your entire month.

We just need to be in the right stocks and hold the winners longer.

Today's video outlines our game plan and I provide the top 5 stocks I'm watching this week.

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Pete Renzulli

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