Tesla Unveils Futuristic Pickup Truck

Tesla Unveils Futuristic Pickup Truck

Tesla Pickup

Tesla Pickup

7 Criteria for Perfect Trades

Use these seven criteria as a starting point, and then adapt the concepts to your unique resources and goals.

Criteria #1: Institutional Activity:

An element of risk is liquidity. A smart trader must consider the activity level of each stock. The more shares traded, and available to trade against, the better the chance to buy or sell at a reasonable price. A baseline criteria is an average of 2 million shares traded per day.

Criteria #2: Opportunity:

Each stock has a certain volatility, or average dollar amount from high low each day. Too little, and your profit potential diminishes. Too much, and you will trade scared. A good starting point is a one dollar average true range. (Using a 14 period calculation)

Criteria #3: Price Trends:

An obvious trend to institutional activity, defines a bias. Are buyers or sellers in charge? How do you know? Consider using a 20 period simple moving average to determine your bias.

This foundational bias sets the stage for actively pursuing opportunity. If this bias is not obvious, you have a weak argument.

Criteria #4: Price Change Between Trading Sessions:

This criteria represents the bias from yesterday’s closing price to the current price. If this net change is in sync with the price trend bias, your argument begins to get stronger.

Criteria #5: Today’s Institutional Activity:

This criteria identifies today’s bias.  Monitor the last price, relative to today’s open price. When this criteria is in sync with criteria #3 & 4, your argument begins to strengthen.

You can see this criteria in a glance, using candlestick charts. You are looking for a red or green candle to show you today’s bias. This criteria keeps your argument relative to today’s activity.

Criteria #6: Institutional Follow-Through:

Are institutions supporting higher prices and creating new highs, compared to yesterday? And vice versa for a selling opportunity. Using daily charts, identify if your stock is showing a higher low, and a higher high, compared to yesterday’s price action.

Criteria #7: Relative Strength:

Run criteria #3-6 for the $SPX. You are seeking opportunities when your stock, is trading in sync with the general market. When the indices meet your minimum criteria, there is a bias to the mass of stocks. When your stock is in sync with this bias, you have what is known as relative strength.

Tesla's electric pickup breaks the mould with angular design and armored glass

(Reuters) – Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) on Thursday unveiled its electric pickup, a truck with a futuristic angular body in gunmetal gray that resembled an armored vehicle and takes aim at the heart of Detroit automakers’ profits.


Fallout from US-China trade conflict could be ‘even worse’ than WWI, Kissinger says

“We are still in the foothills of a Cold War,” Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State, said Thursday at Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum in Beijing.

Rivalry with China has not escalated to the same level the United States had with the Soviet Union, “but we also don’t have forward negotiations to reduce the political conflict,“ Kissinger said.


The world’s best-performing stock just became the world’s worst overnight

The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday told investors that a “mysterious marble bubble” was coming soon to your index funds.

Turns out that‘s not happening.

A day later, and the stock, which had rallied 3,800% since the beginning of the year, is in a death spiral. Shares were down 98% Thursday, shedding $5.7 billion in market value in the process.


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