Stocks for Breakfast-Winning Trades

I promised you would have a new problem.

Before you learn about order flow, and how to properly use it, your core problem is typically trading losses or yo-yo results.

You win for three days and then give it all back in one bad trade.

New traders in the boot camp very quickly have a new problem. It's holding winner longer. What a great problem to have.

This new "problem happens because you finally decide to trade with a strategy. And that means with order flow, your trades have a high probability of success.

In today's trading education we discuss how to set yourself up for success, and I give you my number one tactic for maximizing your profits on the winners.

But remember, this tactic is worthless without winning ideas. Worthless fi you don't know how to read the tape. Worthless if you don't know how to build an argument for a great trade.

Enjoy today's lesson then join the boot camp.


trading boot camp
Pete Renzulli

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