Stocks for Breakfast | Timing Entries

We have some pretty amazing members in our community Hard working men and women devoted to becoming profitable stock traders.

Maybe you are too.

But for some reason it feels like you are close, but can't seem to get profitable. Three winning trades and then one loser that wipes out the other three.

In today's episode of Stocks for Breakfast we help you with timing entries into your stock picks.

You most likely don't have a stock picking problem. You have a timing problem. You have a risk/reward problem. You have a problem with entering the right trade at the right time.

Today we discuss the only three situations you ought to know, and how to correctly trade each.

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Pete Renzulli

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Cecil - October 29, 2020

Love what you are doing. I can see you are genuingly interested in helping the struggling trader like myself. I am one of those “experienced” trader that is not gettimg paid. Your strategy is consistent with the path I want to take so I will be joining you soon so you can help me put everything together for success.
Continue the good work.


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