Stock Market Flip Flops Awaiting Unemployment Numbers 4.2.20

The stock market has flip-flopped from negative to positive overnight.

Mr. Market has many smart stock traders frustrated. Do you buy stocks or do you trade with the trend and sell stocks?

It's not really the right question. Today we should ask: "Is it obvious?"

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For many stocks we love to trade, the answer is no. The monthly charts are in bear market territory, the weekly charts have bounced and the daily charts show gaps in both directions.

You're not confused, the stock market is. The world is!

But...if we get involved, we must place trades that have great arguments. And that's why many smart traders are frustrated.

Today we review the concept of ten perfect trades and how it can instantly help you improve your trading.

We discuss four stocks to buy and what we need to see to trade those stocks with conviction.

Pre-market stock futures are trading higher with unemployment numbers due out today. So expect price action to be volatile early.

My play of the day today is CHWY. I am looking for the stock to open lower and find support for a new buy.

If you have stocks you'd like to see reviewed, please leave a comment below the video.

Have a great day!

PS. We had a question about accumulation in RCL and CCL.
Watch this video for details on how to trade this type of price action.

Pete Renzulli

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