Stock Market Bears Come for a Feeding 5-13-20

Trading rules are the reason you should expect to make money.

Without them, you have no chance for trading success.

For me these five trading rules have stood the test of time, and many different market conditions.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have rules that have made you successful.

Game Plan 5.13.20

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The stock market remains stuck in a two week trading range but reality may finally be catching up with prices.

Unemployment numbers and massive closures of small businesses have left many living paycheck to paycheck, and many more in a hole they can't climb out of.

While online retailers have exploded, as well as, technology stocks, today we're breaking out the sell short key and looking at a few key sectors to trade lower.

I'm NOT shorting the airlines. I am however looking at banks and high end/luxury items.

Stocks: JPM, C and JWN.

On the long side I'm still game planning tech stocks.

Have a great day!
Be safe.

Pete Renzulli

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