Solar Stocks Heating Up | Best Stock Picks Today 3-31-21

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0:45 Easy Trades Coming?
1:20 Crypto Stocks Outlook
2:04 March 2021 Trading Lessons
2:50 Trading Boot Camp
3:15 SPY ETF Analysis - Near All-Time Highs
4:02 QQQ ETF Analysis
4:30 The only 2 chart patterns you ought to know
6:30 Sector Analysis
7:06 Top Down Analysis - Trading Market Leaders
8:46 CHWY Earnings and Swing Trading Setups
9:06 Solar Stocks Trade Setups - Less than Perfect But...
10:55 Other Stocks in Today's Trading Game Plan


Good morning!

Wednesday March 31, 2021.

The stock market lacks momentum, but it also lacks one important element.


If the bears are preparing to take action, they're doing a good job hiding it.

The only obvious selling we see is in technology. Interest rates are jamming up the wheels on tech stocks.

The SPY ETF rests near all-time highs. We just need a few market leaders to step up for the next bullish wave.

One industry group that we had great success trading in 2020 is back in play.

Not picture-perfect charts but strength across the industry yesterday.

We could see a nice boost today with the new infrastructure plan expected to be unveiled today.


Solar Stocks: Why CSIQ, DQ, FSLR, SOL Stocks Are Heating Up Today

Solar stocks are gaining today after the Biden administration announced its plan for green energy

The renewable energy industry is prospering under President Joe Biden and his ambitious administration, and the spotlight has fallen on wind and solar energies in the past week.

The Department of Energy’s new major announcements for energy goals have resulted in gains for a number of solar stocks today.. Source:

Other stocks in my game plan today: FDX BOX MARA AA NUE STLD WRK


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