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Rediscover a 93 year old trading strategy that shows you the smart money. Order flow simply makes trading easier.
Eliminates overwhelm and gives you unshakable confidence.

Get all six courses and trade the stock market with conviction, Works even if you've never traded before. Works even if you have a full-time job. (Day traders will love it too)

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Home Study Collection | Includes Six Courses

The Order Flow Masterclass and Market Analysis Stacking System: Step-by-step process for reliable wins. 

  • Trade Expectation & Developing the Edge.
  • Institutional Order Flow & the Smart Money.
  • Trend Analysis & Multiple Time-Frames.
  • Chart Patterns & Potential Change of Trend.
  • Market analysis, sector rotation and market internals

Professional Trading Tactics: Entries, Exits & Trade Adjustments. The real money is made between the buy and sell orders.

  • Between Entry and Exit = Trade Management
  • Entry Tactics & Patterns
  • Profit Targets & Trailing Stops
  • The Stop-Loss, Scaling Out & Planned Re-entries
  • Trading Momentum & Order Type Review.

Trading Plan Blueprint: How to Trade Operate a Trading Business. Get organized so you'll get paid.

  • Trading as a Business. Developing Strategy
  • The Trading Plan. Decide how you want to compete.
  • Money Management & Risk Management
  • Searching for Trade Ideas & the Game Plan
  • Assessing and Applying Probability Risk & Reward

Street Smarts: Required wisdom you need to succeed The quickest path to trading success is through knowledge. Make your life easier and swipe my experience.

  • Core Knowledge & “Street Smarts”
  • Long-Term Goals & Main Challenge
  • Short-Term Objectives & Obstacles
  • Defining Probabilities, Risk and Leverage
  • Candlestick Charts: Price Action DNA
saturation plays

Saturation Plays: Inspired by a rare book written in 1955 by a grain trader in Chicago. The perfect complement to order flow!

  • My exact process for scanning and trading stocks that reverse every 2-3 days.
  • The exact price action that unfolds in the first 20 minutes of each trading day that gives me massive, quick opportunity.
  • The exact price target calculation used to determine the most likely reversal price. 

Trading to Win: Audio Downloads: The tiny change in the way you think that makes you a winner or a could have been.

  • Think Like a Winner Mindset
  • Mentor Advice Stories of Success & Failure
  • Discipline & Commitment
  • How to Improve - Feedback & Outcomes
  • How Winners Focus On the Process

N. Gordon

I know the market has been very volatile and like you said, if you haven’t been making money the last few months, you’re doing something wrong and need to get in the program. I’m so unbelievably happy I did.

Yesterday was the first day my account was positive in the 3 months I’ve been trading. I started yesterday at 42k, went up 10% yesterday, closed at 47k. Today another 25%, it just hit 62.5k. 15k just today, I’m honestly almost in shock, I really can’t begin to explain my appreciation for all the help and knowledge.

J. Williams

I hear your voice in the back of my head.
The first trade I got in there was an obvious exit, it was at $2600, then the swing low I got in and I'm up to $2000, $3000. I wanted to get out because of the dollar amount but I hear your in the back of my head that there's no reason to get out, I'm not seeing any exit signals.  I kept waiting and it turned into a $5000 trade.

Before the course, I would put on a trade and just wishfully think it would go a certain way. I really didn't know what I was looking at. Now, I know what to look for.