Netflix Inc NFLX Earnings Report Seeks Bearish Reversal

Netflix Inc NFLX Earnings Report Seeks Bearish Reversal

Netflix Inc NFLX Stock Chart Before Earnings 10.16.19

Netflix Inc NFLX Stock Chart Before Earnings 10.16.19

Yesterday was a day trader's market.

We saw text book open range breakouts and incredible follow through. Yesterday's coaching calls focused on "holding the winners." My answer was an emphatic NO.

This one area of trading seems to mess up most traders. How to assess profit potential makes the difference between years of average results and years of happy returns.

You must learn when to book profits and when to scale your winners. Yes, yesterday was awesome, but major resistance remains just ahead. This reduces the profit potential. Which diminishes the argument for accepting risk.

If you're a member of our Order Flow Coaching Program, you know I am big on "building an argument." I teach you to make a case for accepting risk.

We ask the all-important question, "Does the profit potential, justify accepting the risk?!" Then we go and find proof that it does or doesn't.

The better your tape reading skills, the better your trading. This business is NOT just about entries. That's the easy part. Making money happens before the trade because you know your trade expectation.

When you know your trade expectation (order flow + saturation points) you know exactly how you plan to manage the trade, if you make the trade at all.

Good trading is flawless execution. It's simple but not easy. That's why coaching is critical. 

Have a great day.


PS. Here's my scan for today of stocks that meet my minimum criteria and yesterday trade 1.5X their normal volume. A couple of interesting setups, see if you can find them.

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Though it has bounced a little in recent weeks, Netflix (NFLX) is still down 21% from where it traded before the company posted a large Q2 subscriber miss in mid-July.

That likely spells lower investor expectations ahead of the streaming giant's Q3 report, which arrives after the bell on Wednesday.

On average, analysts polled by FactSet expect Netflix to report Q3 revenue of $5.25 billion (up 35% annually) and GAAP EPS of $1.03. However, Netflix's subscriber numbers tend to have a bigger impact on how its stock moves post-earnings.

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