Fibonacci Retracement Levels-Home Depot Chart

Home Depot Stock Chart 5.2.19

Fibonacci Levels | Home Depot Stock Chart 5.2.19

Fibonacci Retracement Levels and Trade Entries

One of the most common questions I get from new stock traders: “How do I know where to enter?” 

In yesterday's trading lesson I outlined a strategy using average true range and well-offered candlesticks. Today's lesson offers another trading strategy built upon Fibonacci Retracement Levels.

My main criteria for new stock trades starts with order flow. I never look for entries without a clear answer to that question. So assuming we have an obvious trend, we need to start looking for a trade that makes sense. A trade that has probability and profit potential. (With acceptable risk)

Fibonacci retracement levels tell us the depth of a pull back in a recent trend. The deeper the pull back, the less likely the trend continuing. The opposite is true as well. The more shallow the pull back, the existing order flow remains intact.

This means we should look for a shallow fibonacci retracement, and then look for an entry. The key question should be: “What is a “shallow” retracement?”

I keep things simple. Use the 50 percent level as your guide.

  • If your stock declines (for bullish order flow) and gives you a reversal signal before it retraces 50% of the previous rally, that gives us a trade we can enter with confidence. 
  • If your stock declines close to the 50% level, you can enter a new long, but with less conviction, and need to “work the order.”
  • If your stock declines further than 50%, the order flow has changed and you should pass on the trade.

Using this simple 50% fibonacci level also gives you targets to set for future entries. You should set alarms so you don't miss the trade. 

How to Draw Fibonacci Retracement Levels

This is far easier than most traders make it. Software makes it look like magic, but all you need is the price a recent move started, and where you believe it starts turning around.

In this chart of Home Depot, the bullish move started at roughly $180, and peaked out at roughly $207. (keeping the math simple here) To determine 50% of that move you simply subtract the two numbers, and divide by 2.

So 207 minus 180 equals 27. 27 divided by 2 equals 13.50.

So the fibonacci retracement we are looking for, the price that makes this a “good trade idea” is above $193.50. We get this price by substracting 50% of the move from the high. So 207 minus 13.50.

If you get a reversal setup in that area or even better, above that area (shallow retracement) you have an entry you can make with conviction.

This simple trading strategy should become a valued member of your trading setups. It's worked for me since I began trading in 1994.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.


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