Coinbase IPO Direct Listing – Symbol: COIN | Best Stock Picks 4-14-21

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1:24 COINBASE IPO & Risks of Direct Listing
2:40 Direct Listing versus an IPO Going Public
3:11 Should You Trade the COINBASE IPO?
6:05 Bank Stocks Earnings JPM stock, GS stock, WFC stock
7:10 Two Signs the Stock Market May Have Topped (Short-Term Momentum)
9:10 Watch More than the Major Stock Market Indices
9:45 The difference Between Struggling Chart Readers and Profitable Traders
10:26 Strongest Sectors to Trade
11:30 Two day Trading Setups Today
12:00 Crypto Stocks to Trade
13:45 Top Stocks to Buy Now



Good morning!

Wednesday April 14, 2021.

New all-time highs in the stock market.


Only 12 stocks in the Down Jones Industrial Average were positive and the number of stocks breaking out decreased significantly.

Continue to move up those trailing stops.

Earnings season kicks of with bank stocks today: JPM, GS, WFC (BBBY too)

-- > If you're day trading the best opportunities have unfolded in the afternoon, be patient on the open.

Coinbase IPO Direct Listing - Symbol: COIN

Coinbase is set to begin publicly trading on the NASDAQ on Wednesday – but with a twist. It’s the first company specializing in cryptocurrencies to hit the market, cashing in on the rising interest in digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Coinbase (ticker symbol: COIN) is bypassing the usual method of going public – an initial public offering (IPO) – in favor of a direct listing. And this difference poses some different risks to investors from the typical IPO route through an investment bank. Source:

Coinbase is going public without an IPO. Here’s how its direct listing will work

Mega cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is about to launch one of the most highly-anticipated public offerings of 2021 so far.

The crypto marketplace, which some estimate could fetch an astonishing $100 billion valuation (though based on Coinbase's reference price, it's valuation may be more in the $65 billion range), is set to begin trading on Wednesday, but via a less-common process: the direct listing.

With the confluence of a roaring stock market, a crypto market that's hitting all-time highs, and Coinbase's healthy balance sheet itself, "This is a great time to become public," argues Reena Aggarwal, professor of finance and director of the Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy. Source:

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