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The Clear Path to Stock Trading Success

trading successI didn’t really learn how to trade the first year and a half in the business.. We were doing nothing but adding liquidity on the ECN. That style really wasn’t trading. There wasn’t a need for profitable trading beliefs because we weren’t trading. After that I was in the proprietary trading world for 14 years. That was my entire […]

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Don’t Be A Chart Reading Fool — Be a Trader

December ES Mini Futures 12.4.19 On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, one of the greatest traders ever to live is going to do something he’s never done before… Something you will surely want to witness… Something we’ve never seen demonstrated this way before… He’s going to attempt to generate $70,000 or more—in just a few hours—just from trading.  Care to […]

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Edge: You Can’t Trade Too Much

When Trading Often- Means You’re Trading Well…Most of us hear the wisdom “be disciplined…” It’s usually spit out from a burnt out trader trying to salvage the last $1,000 in their account. Today we discuss why it’s bad advice, or I should say, it’s misinterpreted advice. In today’s podcast we reveal why trading more, and how to […]

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