Buy AAPL Stock or Buy FB Stock Today? | Best Stock Picks 4-28-21

Video Chapters
0:00 Stock Market Analysis Swing Trading Patterns
0:45 Order Flow Breakouts
1:25 Jesse Livermore Trading Strategy
2:00 Working Stock Charts Like a Pro
2:30 The Right Resistance Levels to Watch
3:30 FOMC Today and Stocks Price Action
5:10 MSFT Microsoft Earnings Recap
7:25 Buy AAPL Stock After Today's Earnings Report?
9:37 FB Facebook Stock Analysis
11:38 Order Flow Lesson - Reading Price Action
12:40 Energy Sector Analysis Stocks to Buy
13:26 The ONLY Chart Pattern You Ought to Know (NVAX Stock)
14:50 AXP Stock Chart Pattern
15:30 Basic Technical Analysis Earnings Trade



Good morning!

Wednesday April 28, 2021.

FOMC today.

Energy stocks showing signs of order flow.

#AXP inD looks promising today.

#AMD swing trade rallies after earnings.

Buy AAPL Stock or Buy FB Stock Today?

April 2021 Apple's stock performance has mirrored its overall strong earnings reports in recent quarters.

The company's stock broke away from the broader market following its Q2 FY 2020 earnings report, and since then has outperformed the S&P 500, sometimes by a wide margin. 
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