Best Stock Picks Today | PLUG Power Gaps Higher 1-7-21

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South Korea’s SK Group Invests $1.5 Billion in Plug Power

South Korean conglomerate SK Group is investing $1.5 billion in U.S. fuel-cell maker Plug Power Inc. to boost the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy source in Asia. Source:

As PLUG Power gaps higher this morning we're faced with buying a stock after the optimal entry price. So that means we need to adjust our strategy to use short term entry tactics to manage risk with the added volatility.

I discuss two entry signals to consider.

We also provide analysis on APPLE Inc. AAPL. Considering the stock market hit new highs multiple times this week, but this stock shows signs of the tape changing. We'll monitor this for you as it unfolds.

Yesterday's trading game plan focused on three industry groups, each giving us nice follow through. Although a few trades were stopped out during the afternoon, those stocks remain a core part of today's watch list.

Smart money has rotated into financial stocks and new breakouts are happening across the board. The only challenge right now is choosing which stocks to trade and getting the right price.

Some of those stocks include: ZION, MS, GS, STT, COF and PNC.

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