BABA Earnings – When to Trade the Stock 5-22-20


One of the most basic questions we get is: How do I find good trading ideas?"

Well, finding good ideas is easy. Getting paid is the skill that pays the bills.

There are essentially three steps to profitable trading.

1) Having specific criteria and using a trading screener to find those stocks.

2) Moving from the screener to the charts to see if stocks meeting the criteria are solid trade ideas that match your risk/reward ratio.

3) Making money on those trade ideas. (The hardest part)

Today I give you my basic criteria and then show you how to drill down to deeper levels of bullish or bearish trade ideas.

Leave a comment if you have other ideas you would like to share.

Trading Game Plan 5-22-20

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With BABA earnings scheduled for today and the recent news about the U.S. Senate passing a bill that could eventually put their U.S. exchange listings at risk.

The stock is in play but for me I need to see it clear certain levels before I place new trades.

Retail stocks continued to see impressive percentage gains, a few are stuck in a trading range but keep them in your watch list. JWN Nordstrom shows an uptick in volume near the lows. One of my favorite tape reading scenarios.

PENN | Penn National Gaming, Inc. has advanced over 120% the last 3 weeks but we're seeing signs to move up your trailing stop loss.

Have a great 3 day weekend!
Be safe

Pete Renzulli

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