Apple AAPL Stock Price Breaks Out | Top Stocks to Buy Now 4-6-21

Video Chapters
0:00 Trading Game Plan Review
1:15 SPY All-Time Highs but Caution?
2:25 VIX in the Mix. Profit-Taking Coming
4:28 AAPL Stock Breaks Out. AAPL Price Targets
8:02 NNOX Gets FDA Clearance. Potential day trade today.
8:58 Cannabis Stocks. Coiling for a move.
10:20 Energy stock prices moving lower.
11:00 FB Facebook stock breaks out.
11:30 Other stocks to buy now.



Tuesday April 6, 2021.

Yesterday was one of the easiest days to day trade in a while.

Bullish order flow, a bullish gap, followed by more buying after the open. We started five new trades for the Swing Trade Tracker.

Everything looks good, but the odds of short-term profit taking some time in the next few days is likely.

The SPY ETF has closed above the open price for seven consecutive days. And the VIX (volatility index) rallied while the market rallied. This typically means prices are extended (short-term).

I outline a very specific trade in AAPL today. I give my price levels, and profit targets. Also include the method I'm using to build the position and the price action & volume I need to see.

Apple AAPL Stock Price Gains As Cook Drops Hints of Autonomous Car – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares rose 2% Monday, boosted by its CEO Tim Cook signaling that an autonomous car may be in the offing.

A usually reserved Cook, much like the company he heads, dropped hints in an interview about the company’s much-rumored plans for an autonomous car. Source:

Also: Nano-X Imaging Receives FDA Clearance for X-Ray Device

Pete Renzulli

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