AAPL Stock Shows Signs of Top 6-24-20

AAPL stock (Apple Inc) saw fresh news today and reading the tape we see signs of distribution. Smart money exiting on the way up.

This is not good news for the market. Many active stock traders use AAPL as an indicator stock.

The stock market continues to show indecision, and that's making it hard to have conviction on new bullish swing trades.

Until this wider trading range in the SPY ETF gets resolved, I'm in cash flow mode.

INO Stock saw a 40% advance yesterday, but I'm avoiding it unless a new day trade sets up. We saw similar price action in the airline stocks a few weeks ago and those who got greedy, got slammed.

I'm creating a trading game plan for INO similar to what we did in NKLA stock. Which was a great trade yesterday, planned out in the boot camp per-market meeting.

In total we review 17 new stock trading ideas.

Good luck today!


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Pete Renzulli

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